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Conventional Wet Riser Fire Fighting System

Wet riser systems are a vital piece of fire protection equipment for buildings over 60 metres high.

Neelansh deals in the services of Conventional Fire Fighting system for the supply, installation, testing, commissioning and  maintaining Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems. We had installed such Wet Risers, Hydrants, & Security in Government Organizations such as CPWD, PWD, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan etc. and also in hospitals & institutions like ESIC Hospitals, RML Hospital, East Kidwai Nagar etc.

 Dry and wet risers are a system of pipes intended for use by the Fire Brigade. They allow a supply of water for fighting fires throughout a building. The only difference between dry and wet risers is that wet risers contain a constant supply of water at all times, whereas, a dry riser is left empty so the Fire Brigade can pump an extinguishant of choice through them.

Our Wet Riser Products

Sprinklers form the majority of automatic fire fighting systems in commercial buildings. Their purpose is obviously to release a water supply in the event of a fire. They are swift and effective in tackling fires and are especially helpful in high-storey buildings, where Fireman’s access will be limited and time consuming.

All these systems are designed , installed and delivered in accordance with requirements from authorities like Architects, Consultants & Electrical Contractors as well as directly by clients in compliance with standards like NFPA, Fire Service, NBC etc.

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