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Aerosol Based Fire Suppression system

Neelansh Electrotech System Pvt Limited is the Sales Partner for India for Dynameco Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Generators manufactured by Dynamit Nobel GmBH.

Dynameco fire extinguishing generators, the innovative and environment-friendly suppression technology.


The aerosol fire suppression agent technology developed by Dynamit Nobel is one of the leading fire protection solutions worldwide. The hi-tech equipment of modern industrial buildings, machines, facilities and installations requires compact, fast and reliable fire protection systems. People and assets must be protected effectively, downtimes must be prevented. The first seconds between the breaking out of the fire and fire fighting are decisive for the successful suppression of fires.


Dynamit Nobel’s decades of experience and development have contributed to our Dynameco fire extinguishers having become a part of the complex fire protection industry worldwide. Manufactured i.a.w. the regulations and standards of DIN EN ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001, VDE, VDS, IQNet, TÜV and BAM, our Dynameco fire extinguishers meet the highest requirements in fire protection. The Dynameco fire suppression agent technology is protected worldwide by patents.

Fields of Application

The Dynameco fire extinguishers group of products is designed for the suppression of fires in objects and in rooms for a wide range of fields of application. Major fields of application are electrotechnical facilities and equipment, kitchens, machines, ships and vehicles.

The high effectivity of the fire suppression agent – a minimum of fire suppression agent generates a high fire suppression power – lets fires be extinguished within a few seconds. The Dynameco fire extinguishers are especially suitable for fighting fires in the phase leading up to the fire.

Environmentally Safe

The Dynameco fire suppression agent technology is a “green” suppression agent technology, which means it is environmentally sound and environmentally safe. (Ozone Depletion Potential = 0, Global Warming Potential =0, negligible residual amounts in the atmosphere). The Dynameco fire suppression agent technology is listed as official “HALON substitute” by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The fire suppression agent does not have any detrimental effect on life on our planet; it has the status “non-toxic”.


With over 60,000 different Dynameco installations in different fields and countries, eg Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, Scandinavia, India, Iran, Malaysia, Venezuela, Brazil and Canada, the Dynameco fire suppression agent technology is leading worldwide. Among Dynameco customers are, for example, ABB, BP, Demag, Iberia, Mercedes Benz, Nokia, Nissan, Toyota, Vestas, Steigenberger Hotels, Maritim Hotels, Magneti Marelli, etc.


The large German insurance companies grant discount insurance rates because the insurance companies have rated Dynameco fire extinguishers as particularly effective, economic and special fire prevention media.

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